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Mr. George SanTo (申屠學軍先生)
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. SanTo graduated from the Zhejiang University in 1990 with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and an MBA degree in 1999.A marketing professional in the financial fields for over 17 years, George held senior executive positions in a number of major Asset Management companies including Zhejiang Trust and Investment Corporation and Tai Fook Assets Management Ltd. He was the Director and Fund Manager of Guotai Junan Asset (Asia) Ltd. for 4 years when he successfully managed over 2 billions Hong Kong Dollars funds in the “Pure Heart China Growth Investment Fund” and the “Harvest China Fund” achieving remarkable growth. He was the founder of LIS Group, Hong Kong providing comprehensive wealth management and investment consultancy services to their clients.

Dr. Sally Lau (劉利君博士)

Dr. Sally Lau is one of the founders of LIS Group, Hong Kong. Sally has worked in the financial planning fields for over 10 years. She assisted her clients to solve their financial problem and let them gained the financial freedom.

Mr. Garson Lee (李家山先生)

Mr. Garson Lee is the former Managing Director of LIS Wealth Management Limited. He has over 10 years working experience in insurance and investment fields. His clients include local and overseas area. He got the CSMSM honor of HKSAR in 2000.

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