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Estate Agency Services

LIS Real Estate hopes to alleviate the distress of customers in finding their favorite properties, try our best to meet the requirements of customers, and provide one-stop professional real estate agency services, including searching for the most desirable first-hand and second-hand properties in Hong Kong, as well as rental residential and industrial and commercial units. Information and data allow customers to clearly grasp the latest and real market conditions when considering buying and selling real estate, keep abreast of the latest transaction information, and grasp the golden opportunity to enter the market.

LIS Real Estate has many successful cases of real estate sales and leasing transactions. It has rich experience and can assist property buyers and sellers to make wise and decisive decisions. Years of property transaction data reflect that the company’s future performance will rise steadily, which is all due to the trust and support of customers over the years.

Overview of Buying and Selling Procedures

  1. The seller goes to an estate agent/broker to sell the property (i.e. “listing”) and the buyer goes to an estate agent to search for a suitable property. Both parties may appoint more than one estate agent;
  2. The buyer inspects the property and bargains with the seller or his estate agent;
  3. The seller and the buyer sign a preliminary sale and purchase agreement for the selected property, which is usually provided by an estate agent, and the buyer also needs to pay a preliminary deposit (commonly known as “fine order”) at the same time;
  4. The seller and the buyer each appoint a solicitor. The seller’s lawyer drafts a formal sale and purchase contract, which is reviewed by the buyer’s lawyer. After the two parties reach an agreement on the terms of the contract through the lawyer, the formal sale and purchase contract will be signed, and the buyer must also pay an additional deposit (commonly known as “big order”). The buyer’s lawyer will review the title deed provided by the seller’s lawyer to ensure that the title is good;
  5. On the date of completion of the transaction (handover date), the seller delivers the property to the buyer, and the buyer is required to pay the balance of the property price. The buyer’s lawyer drafts the assignment, which is reviewed by the seller’s lawyer, and both parties sign the assignment.
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